Ketamine Treatment

A Breakthrough Treatment Option for Those Suffering From Mood Disorders

Ketamine is a prescription drug that can be used for deep sedation, pain management, and as a medical anesthetic. 

A study has shown that ketamine therapy increases synaptic connections in the brain.

The research shows how a single dose of ketamine can increase neuron growth and connectivity within hours, which helps decrease depression symptoms more rapidly than traditional antidepressants do.

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How Is Ketamine Administered?

Racemic Ketamine

Racemic Ketamine, sometimes called Intravenous or IV ketamine– Often given as an infusion into the bloodstream, racemic ketamine is a mixture of two mirror-image molecules: “R” and “S” ketamine. Racemic ketamine is FDA approved as an anesthetic and used off-label to treat mood and chronic pain disorders.

The delivery of ketamine and the type given affect drug effectiveness and side effects. Thus far, most research has been conducted on ketamine infusions. 

What Conditions Can Ketamine Help With?




Chronic Pain

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